The V-Line system in action.

With the PrintBig V-Line system there are very little creative limits. 


Single piece graphics can be as much as 3m tall.  Plus with high load bearing abilities for product displays. 


A few of the benefits are listed below, the system is engineered here on site so if you have any special demands or requirements please just ask.

• Lightweight design due to the 

   materials used and no heavy framing

   system required


• Self-supporting graphics so no heavy

   and expensive aluminium frames


• Heavy duty option available with V-Line

   system, using an all plastic V-Line


• Budget conscious clients will also love

   this system, due to no heavy and

   expensive frames required

• Quick and easy installation.   

   The majority of the V-Line stands

   delivered are installed by the clients


• LED lighting available for the stand

   graphics, inserts and cut aways

• Media capable, screens up to 50"

   possible plus interactive touch screens

   and laptops

• Storage is also simple as this system

   flat packs down, each graphic is only

   10mm thick when dismantled


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