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Product Display - Design & Manufacturing

In a crowded modern retail or show environment, your brand and products need to stand out from competitors and capture the attention of passing consumers. As experts in retail display manufacturing systems, PrintBig has a large range of display solutions available to draw from, that can be customised to suit your brand and product needs. We can also start from scratch, creating a completely bespoke retail display unit, unique to your products and brand. We work with your product managers and design agents through every step of the design process, providing advice from design, marketing, concepts, engineering, and branding perspectives.




The concept for your display will focus on how to stand out in a crowded store while staying true to your brand. Whether your brand is understated or in-your-face we'll find the best way to get customers to stop and buy your product.

Illumination and multimedia interaction can be big factors in helping your product stand out. We can provide fully illuminated products and digital/ touch screen elements in almost all designs.

After a prototype has been produced that meets the requirements of the detailed brief the display will be put into production. The finished product will be made from the material chosen to suit your retail environment and make best use of the space available on your shop floor or at an event

IMG_7735 2.png

At PrintBig, we believe that our displays offer the best value for money on the market.

We offer stylish and flexible solutions, that are affordable to help you to promote and display your products, including Point of Sale (POS), Point of Purchase (POP) and promotional displays. On-site manufacture gives us the flexibility to offer variations on our standard products and completely bespoke displays. 

Our displays are manufactured using a range of materials, as well as aluminium extrusions and brass, steel, and aluminium.  

All our finishes - whether plating, anodising, or powder-coating are applied locally.  

  • Product Display Systems

  • Information Stands

  • Ladder displays Information stands 

  • Brochures and leaflets 

  • Posters and information sheets 

  • Free standing display systems 

  • Branding or marketing signage

Many of these stands could also be adapted to allow the display of products or merchandise by incorporating shelves, hooks, or dispensers.

Product Display Enquiry Form

Do you have an idea for Product Display? - Enter your details below & PrintBig can make it a reality.

Start with entering your idea, we can then contact you and if need be arrange a zoom call. Take advantage of our experience and knowledge to advise you of the best results for your product and your budget! We let our work speak for itself - check out some of our previous bespoke Product Display items above.

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If you don't find quite what you are looking for, then contact Paul Smith; our display expert or the team of we can always find the way to address your display opportunities and challenges.

We'll certainly always do our best to help!

Your ideas brought to life - call now on 01622 892535

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