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Environmental care statement

Environmental Care Statement - Non-Technical Summery


As a company we no longer use printing processes that emit NOXS “Non-Organic Noxious Gases" like solvent based inks do.  Also, we have recently switched to the latest technology that is LED cured UV inks.  This dramatically reduces the power required to print and cure inks, thus making the process more environmentally friendly and less damaging to the planet.  There is no water used or wasted in any of the printing processes we offer.

Our very own design V-Line exhibition system was borne from the want to create a stunning exhibition with significant waste reduction, up to 80% reduction compared to traditional exhibition builds.  V-Line is not only light weight and does not require any aluminium extrusions, uses materials that are reusable multiple times with a surface coating made from paper, a renewable material.  We even re task some of the materials after they have reached the end of their normal usable life.


We constantly strive to source materials that are manufactured ethically and as environmentally efficient as possible from companies that share our environmental aspirations.  We also take in bulk deliveries and hold a large stock in our warehouse to minimise lots of small fuel wasting deliveries.


The majority of our vehicle fleet is either electric or hybrid fuelled plus both the directors of PrintBig utilise solar panels on a daily basis that also offsets our combined carbon footprint in general.  These factors have a conservative CO2 saving estimate of over four tonnes a year.


We operate a proactive recycling programme for papers, plastics and metals.  Plus, we offer many recyclable options and environmentally favourable substrates for printing.

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