Plan for Brexit

Exit Readiness

Our Brexit Plans & preparations

As this confusing and damaging situation around the Brexit negotiations prevails, we are doing our very best to prepare for each and every eventuality and ensuring our suppliers are doing the same for when the time comes, whenever that may be.

If a deal can be agreed between the UK & the EU which incorporates trade tariffs for movement of goods over European borders to and from the UK, then the future situation will be a lot clearer for all businesses in the UK, Europe and beyond.

While we are waiting for the government to deliver a plan we are taking matters into our own hands and preparing for all eventualities that can be foreseen.

•  Keeping regular contact with all our key suppliers to ensure they have sufficient materials available to keep us stocked and have their own Brexit plan in place.

• Over the last 12 months PrintBig have significantly upgraded our warehouse capacity, prepared and staffed accordingly.

• Increased our core materials and consumables stock levels 5 fold from normal levels, to prevent us running short due to any possible border delays.

• Keeping a regular and strong relationship with our international couriers to ensure the delivery chain is not broken.

• Preparing our staff's documentation and vehicles for European business travel and insurance as required.

• PrintBig will be constantly reviewing the situation as and when more information presents itself.

To summarise, we are confident in our actions so whatever Brexit scenario plays out, PrintBig and its staff have taken every reasonable precautionary steps to try our very best to ensure we are in a robust position thought this period and into the future to ensure the very best level of service to our customers.


Thank you for your time and continued custom

Paul Smith

Managing Director


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