Large full face visor, screen, shield, mask. 



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Flexible, tough and extra wide screen to protect you face from sneezing, spatter and spray also discourages touching your own face while wearing.

Made to cover the face 345mm wide x 240mm high, ultra-clear screen made from 250-micron quality polycarbonate, 100% crystal clear, tough, flexible and durable only 38g. Screen comes supplied with a peel off protector film to be removed before use.


With a comfortable polyurethane foam brow cushion "Latex free" suitable for medical applications, essential to make a good and comfortable seal to the head, 25mm thick 35mm deep by 230mm wide, elastic head strap for comfort and ease of use. Printed with UV process on the inside of the shield.


CE marking in progress, we are working very hard with the BSI a UK based compliance company to push these through the approval process as soon as possible.


Brow rest foam specification

25mm thick X 35mm deap X 230mm wide subject to slight variation

Nominal Piece Density Range - 23-25 kg/m3
Nominal Hardness ( 40%) Strength - 115-150N
Nominal Tensile Strength - Min 70 kPa.
Nominal Elongation at Break - Min 120%.


Screen specification

345mm wide x 240mm high .25mm thick

Polycarbonate is a rigid thermoplastic that provides outstanding impact strength, high dimensional stability and excellent optical clarity. The material offers very good electrical insulation properties and satisfactory resistance to alcohols, greases, oils and diluted acids and alkalis. Manufactured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 11963 and has been tested to a range of internationally recognised building and flammability standards.

• Provides excellent optical clarity.

• Temperature: -40°C up to +115°C, (+135°C short term).

• Shatter resistant.


Elastic specification

• 19mm wide, approximate 300mm long.

• Fixed to screen at both ends.

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