Partner Us

Let us take the strain.

As a partner you can Manage, Store and Distribute all your marketing collateral and not only printed items. Once logged on to your Partner Portal through the PrintBig web site, you will find a wealth of information at your fingertips. Every specification PrintBig has every quoted for you, all your stock is displayed with pictures and technical information.


Make it your own


Your corporate colour and company logo makes it truly yours.

  We skin your partner portal with your company logo and corporate colour just to make you feel at home. 

Your bespoke scheme is visible through the entire portal giving you a branded corporate look and feel for all your partner portal users 24/7 world wide.


What you want when you want it

From your bespoke home page you can see at a glance all your print jobs and portal orders.  The status of each individual job is clearly listed with a unique ID number, a brief description including the destination for portal dispatches and date stamp.

Search the title, specification ID number and any part contained in any specification to any given date range, giving a massive windows to find what you want quickly and easily.
  There is plenty more information at your finger tips from here, including attached artwork files, invoices and notes relating to the specific job, data sheets, full information on all projects past and present.

We are always improving the partner portal with increase functionality like the latest step to include mobile device compatibility so you can order dispatches while your on the go.


All yours


Just like a shop window you can see all your products in one place.

  See all your products in one place 24/7 from anywhere world wide.  Stock levels and a brief description are displayed clearly on each product.  You can also quickly search the products description or its SKU number right from this page.

More information can be found on each individual product just by clicking on the picture.  Plus related file downloads are available, including data sheets and product artwork files.


Right every time


Manage all your delivery addresses quickly and easily.

  Have all your destinations stored in one place, this is particularly helpful when you need to dispatch to the same recipient many times throughout the year.

You can have all your contacts' information, not only the address but full name, telephone number and email address.  This is a real bonus for ease of use, plus consistency when you have multiple users ordering online from your stock supplies.


Take stock


Product usage reports for any or all your products.

  Use this powerful tool to see stock movements throughout any given year, with historical data from day one, when you start the partner portal.  The image on the left shows a line graph month by month with numbers of items shipped.  This graph can be downloaded as a pdf or graphic file for your convenience.

You can also, at a click of a button, download a full stock report from your live stock system.


Much much more...



Find out for yourself

This is just a very brief outline of what the partner portal can offer you and your organisation. 

We are continuously improving the partner portal system, with new rich features and exciting facilities to help with your fulfilment requirements.
  Why not try it for yourself, we can give you full access to your own partner portal site and even populate it with your products.  Just give us a call to find out how we can partner you to success.

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